New Release: ✨ Smart Product Importing

A smooth, effortless way to onboard and update large quantities of SKUs in one go

August 17th, 2023

Handling large numbers of SKUs has always been complicated
- Trustana's market research efforts revealed that Distributors and Retailers with more than 250 SKUs require a complex, manpower-heavy organisation to manage their product information. Onboarding new products or updating existing product information becomes exponentially more challenging once the SKU count exceeds 500. 

At Trustana, we are committed to ensuring our technology enhances efficiency without imposing undue complexity. The essence of our system is its capability to simplify tasks. 

Learn how to use smart product importing.


  • Time Efficiency & Scalability: Instead of manually editing each product's information one by one, users can now make bulk updates through the Batch Upload feature. This significantly reduces the time it takes to input and manage individual products, especially when dealing with large catalogs. 
  • Speed & Flexibility: The smart product importing flow will auto-map your data columns using the latest AI Technology, yet allow you to manually map or create new attributes on the process.
  • Data Checks: The flow will also highlight empty data points, as well as duplicated entries and potential data type issues, allowing users to edit information, or skips these suggestions. The result is clean and normalised ready-to-use data on your account.


  • Smart Header Recognition: Efficiently identifies headers within CSV/XLS files, irrespective of their formatting.
  • AI-Driven Field Mapping: Accurately matches data against an extensive library of product attribute labels.
  • Guided Issue Resolution: Offers potential solutions for discrepancies, without impeding the user’s current task.
  • Data Normalisation: Facilitates the transformation of product data, allowing integration with other subsystems using a clean and comprehensive CSV format. 

Use Cases

  • First-time Product Onboarding: Either from a spreadsheet, or another system's exported data, setting up your account will feel like a breeze.
  • Supplier Onboarding: Receiving unformatted Excel sheets will no longer be a problem
  • Frequent Bulk Edits: Simply download your product data as CSV, edit what you need to update, and upload again.
  • Data sets from multiple sources: Select the fields you want to upload onto the system, as long as the Product ID (example: TR12345678) is present, the corresponding product will be updated with the new information.

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