Why you should be stocking up on Protein Snacks in 2022

Protein Snacks: Health Benefits for Everyone Protein is fundamental to sustain health and vitality for all humans. It ...

Protein Snacks: Health Benefits for Everyone

Protein is fundamental to sustain health and vitality for all humans. It forms one of the biggest healthy food trends. While the 20th century saw the development of cereal and grain-rich products, sugar-heavy foods, and shelf-stable treats, the 21st century has brought a massive shift. And it comes with rising demand for nutritious and delicious protein snacks.

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Healthy Sources of Protein

Protein sourced from food can be challenging in today’s busy lifestyle because these foods usually require some sort of preparation. In the quest for simple, healthy options, protein snacks are becoming more and more popular as a source of nourishment and a way to spread protein intake throughout the day. Vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based protein snacks can even serve as an alternative to a full meal for busy people. It’s no surprise we’re seeing more inventive protein snack options in the global market. 

High-Protein Snacks Rise in Popularity 

Many consumers choose high-protein snacks to replace other, less-healthy options and serve as occasional or frequent meal replacements too. This rise in popularity is celebrated by 51% of global consumers¹ today who prefer protein-rich snacks and the numbers are expected to grow.

Statistics show that consumers look for snacks with high levels of protein and contrasting low levels of sugar. They may also look for specific ingredients to supply that protein, such as plant-based meat alternatives or plant-based protein from pea and bean sources, whey protein, or meat-based protein. 

Get on Board with the Trend

If you’re selling food and beverage products in your retail store, you want to be in on this trend. Include functional beverages as well, and get to know your consumer base and choose protein-rich snacks that make sense for your audience. Shop for wholesale snacks and add protein-rich options to your physical and virtual shelves to ensure you can meet customer demand for these niche products as their popularity continues to grow.

Easy Protein Snacks: What’s Not to Love?

Options for easy protein snacks continue to grow with the trend. Among the many sources of protein in healthy snacks, consumers are often looking for plant-based or other specific protein sources. Retailers can choose from more and more Food manufacturers whose snacks meet these demands in delicious, simple, and accessible ways. Protein Earth is a great example. 

Plant-Based Protein Snacks

Protein Earth offers varied plant-based and earth-friendly products that allow busy people and snack lovers alike to get the protein they need in a delicious, on-the-go product. Their chip and snack ball varieties bring a unique flavor and nutritional qualities your customers will love. Delicious options from Protein Earth include:


You’ll find these and other wholesale tasty snack options full of various flavors from unique brands available at Trustana’s wholesale store⁵.

Stock Your Shelves with Protein Snacks

Are you ready to stock your shelves with healthy, delicious protein snacks that provide the right nutrition? As a one-stop shop for retailers, Trustana curates a delicious and consumer-friendly array of packaged food and beverage products that provides great convenience. We’re following the trends and growing our stock of protein-rich snacks so you can pass along their nourishing benefits to your customers.

We’re excited to connect with you and support you in finding the best solutions for your wholesale snack and food needs. Explore Trustana’s wholesale website⁶ or reach out to us⁷ to find out how we can support you and your business today.


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