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Top 10 Wholesale Online Shopping Suppliers

Finding reliable wholesale suppliers is a great way of minimizing order issues and increasing profit margins.

Several wholesale sites dot the Internet, making it easier to shop for goods in bulk. Of course, you have to sift through the vast pool of online vendors to find the right supplier.

Herein is a list of online wholesale directories to help small business owners find suppliers.


1. Trustana Wholesale

BLOG PHOTO SIZES (19) When it comes to food suppliers, few B2B marketplaces can rival Trustana Wholesale¹. This Singapore-based platform curates, imports, and distributes emerging F&B brands to retailers across Asia. 

It’s the best place to source snacks to sell in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Apart from snacks, you can also source instant food, animal feed, meat, spices, seafood, canned food, pet food, beverages, nuts, and beans from their marketplace. 

This F&B marketplace has over 300 pre-screened suppliers. The supplier list expands each week as certified international wholesalers get added to the platform.

Trustana Wholesale is also the go-to site for all your cross-border trading needs. Whether you need customer clearance assistance or shipping consolidation, you can turn to this company for help.

Why Shop Here

An extensive catalog of food and beverages

  • Verified food wholesalers
  • Offers local food samples
  • You can contact suppliers directly
  • You can source high quality best-sellers that are already imported, labelled and ready for shelves.
  • Great for busy retailers. Less search, so you can focus more on selling/growing your business

Why Shop Here

  • They do not have an extensive range of products

2. Global Sources                                            


Established in 1971, Global Sources² is a veteran Hong Kong wholesale marketplace. It connects about 10 million buyers with low-cost Asian suppliers. It also acts as a trade show facilitator.

This online store doesn’t have a direct buying mechanism. Instead, buyers have to enquire from sellers about payment, shipping, and similar things.

Why Shop Here

  • Extensive range of verified wholesalers
  • Offers a wide assortment of high-quality products
  • Trusted by leading retailers

Things You May Dislike

  • It doesn’t offer payment support

3. Dropee


Based in Selangor, Malaysia, Dropee³ is an online marketplace whose aim is to connect local small shops with the proper suppliers and brands in order to assist them in finding investors. 

Dropee allows businesses to securely buy and sell in bulk online. In addition to that, they provide digital solutions that assist companies to become more flexible, customer-centric, and efficient. Their digital products include;

  • Dropee Marketplace. Here wholesale buyers can purchase the proper items from the suppliers
  • Dropee Direct. This platform allows suppliers and brands to put their businesses online through the B2B eCommerce portal
  • Dropee Services. It helps distributors and suppliers get their company online

Why Shop Here

  • Allows retailers to conveniently discover inventories in a single platform 
  • Easy and efficient management 

Things You May Dislike

  • Lack of information for buyers

4. Direct Wholesale


Direct Wholesale⁴ is an online grocery store that sells directly to customers. They sell some of the top brands of foods, drinks, beauty products, health products, and more. 

All of these products from these different categories can be bought in bulk in order to make shopping easy and convenient for the wholesalers.

DW helps retailers and online merchants in Singapore and Southeast Asia grow their businesses. Additionally, it allows them to acquire products from a variety of sources including brands, white labels, distributors, and more. 

Why Shop Here

  • Frequent information on consumer analytics to help make decisions 
  • Fair pricing 
  • Well-controlled distribution 

Things You May Dislike

  • It doesn’t offer guidelines to select a supplier

6. DHgate


DHgate⁵ is another popular Chinese B2B marketplace where retailers can source stock inventory.

Millions of manufacturers and wholesalers sell low-cost products on this site. You can identify reputable suppliers based on:

  • The top-merchant tag
  • On-time delivery badge
  • China brand badge

DHgate has a lower minimum order quantity, making it a suitable platform for retailers shopping on a budget.

Why Shop Here

  • Many payment methods
  • Verified supplier list
  • Discount coupons are available

Things You May Dislike

  • It doesn’t have live chat functionality

6. TopTenWholesale


Founded in 2011, TopTenWholesale⁶ is a marketplace that connects retailers with best sellers and dropshipping suppliers. Most of the wholesalers on this platform are from the USA.

Merchants on this site must undergo a thorough supplier verification process to verify their authenticity.

Here, you’ll find niche categories where you can shop different items. You’ll also find great features like video tutorials, a trade show directory, and a community forum.

Why Shop Here

  • Offers custom sourcing and warehousing services
  • A vast range of USA wholesalers
  • You can post unique buyer requests

Things You May Dislike

  • Limited choices – most products are from the USA



HKTDC⁷ is a Hong Kong-based statutory body that creates opportunities for SMEs. One of the services it offers is that of linking both wholesale suppliers and manufacturers to bulk buyers. Many suppliers in this platform are from Hong Kong and mainland China.

The website has a marketplace where online retailers can find wholesale merchandise. You’ll find everything, from electronics to sports supplies.

Trustworthy sellers have the tag “Premium advertisers.” Such wholesalers provide quality products, quick deliveries, and have positive buyer reviews.

HKTDC has a dedicated section where you can keep tabs on upcoming trade shows and fairs. You’ll also find an insightful section where you can explore market trends

Why Shop Here

  • Verified suppliers
  • Quality wholesale products

Things You May Dislike

  • It doesn’t support direct payment services

8. Made-in-China: Great Wholesale Prices


Made-in-China⁸ is perhaps the cheapest platform in the wholesale industry. Most wholesale vendors on this site offer discounted prices on their merchandise.

You’ll find different categories of products, sourcing solutions, trade shows, and other tailored services.

All suppliers in this platform must undergo an audit process. Some of the things this platform scrutinizes include:

  • Production capacity
  • Quality control
  • Product images

Why Shop Here

  • Affordable price
  • Fast shipping
  • Direct contact with suppliers

Things You May Dislike

  • You cannot add products to a cart and check out
  • No return policy

9. Q-Depot


This is a Korean and Japanese wholesale marketplace that deals with cosmetic and beauty products. 

Q-Depot⁹ has been a market leader in the Korean cosmetic wholesale business, working with more than 160 well-known beauty brands and exported products to over 100 countries. 

Why Shop Here

  • Fast payment and process order
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality products

Things You May Dislike

  • Shipping delays

10. Faire


Faire¹⁰ in an online wholesale platform that connects 100,000 small retailers with the top brands to fill their stores using a data-driven strategy. 

They link brands with smaller but independent retailers wanting to expand their online inventory. Retailers enjoy interacting with brands that are design-driven, creative, or not accessible through mainstream networks. 

Why Shop Here

  • It uses AI technology
  • User-friendly platform with convenient features

Things You May Dislike

  • Commission rates are high

Honorary mentions go to online directories like Worldwide Brands, Tundra, SaleHoo, and Costco.

Which Wholesale Directory Should You Pick?

Bulk buyers should pick a suitable supplier that meets their needs. When finding suppliers, consider the following things.

  • The accepted minimum order
  • Supported payment methods – most suppliers offer several payment options
  • Wholesale price
  • Shipping costs and time
  • Return policies



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