Top 10 Instant Noodles that You Have To Try at Home

It's late at night, and your stomach is rumbling. Every restaurant within a reasonable distance is closed, and your ...

It's late at night, and your stomach is rumbling. Every restaurant within a reasonable distance is closed, and your fridge is empty. There's nothing to eat!

This is a problem everyone has experienced at some point, especially in the first couple of years after moving away from home. And who didn't wonder what to eat next during quarantine when COVID hit?

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Fortunately, there is a solution. Instant noodles¹ has been a staple food of college students, bachelors, and families alike. Instant noodles came in a variety of sizes, from different brands and amazing flavors. Depending on whatever spices are added to the seasoning, the noodles have a range of delicious tastes. Some examples include pork, beef, shrimp, chicken flavor, and many more. Below we have narrowed down for you some of the best instant noodles there are. Continue to find out.  

10 Best Instant Noodles

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best instant noodles you can make at home!

Nongshim Shin Ramyun²

BLOG PHOTO SIZES (32)You can't mention instant noodles and exclude the name Nongshim. Nongshim is a Korean food company and one of the biggest names in instant food. You'll be seeing their products several times on this list. 

One of the biggest Nongshim instant noodle products is Shin Ramyun. Shin Ramyun is really just an example of the basics done very well. It's a spicy noodle soup with dried vegetables, and the noodles can range from soft to a bit harder depending on your preference and cook time. 

Overall, you can't go wrong with a box of Shin Ramyun in your pantry.

Ohsung Hong Ramyun³


Ohsung is another big name when it comes to Korean instant noodles. Hong ramyun hasn't reached the reputation of Shin Ramyun, but the taste is excellent, nonetheless. 

Compared to Shin Ramyun, the spicy soup base is slightly lighter, although adjusting the water level will allow you to change the flavor and spice level. The package contains your essential dried vegetables and soup base.

Baijia Chengdu Sweet and Spicy Noodles


Baijia is a China-based food company that specializes in a variety of instant foods and flavorings. Baijia's Chengdu Sweet and Spicy Noodles are an adaptation of some of the city of Chengdu's famous noodles. 

The use of chili oil adds the spicy kick that many of Chengdu's noodle dishes are known for while retaining a sweet note. The noodles used here are a bit thicker, like udon noodles, and there is no soup. This is an excellent alternative to many of its soup-filled instant noodle counterparts!

You can purchase these individually⁵ or in a carton⁶.

Ah Kuan Hot and Spicy Chicken Noodles


Another Baijia brand instant noodle, these hot and spicy noodles⁸ live up to the name! They are similar to another instant noodle on this list, the Samyang Buldak. 

These Baijia brand noodles are thinner, unlike the udon noodles used in the Chengdu noodles. If you're looking for a sweat, look no further. These noodles hit your tastebuds hard! 

You can find other instant foods that may be difficult to find at your local store here⁹.

Paldo Jjajangmen¹⁰


Paldo is a name that any instant noodle fan is bound to know. They have a unique offering of instant foods, and Jjajangmen is one of their standout products. 

If you're looking for something with a bit of a different flavor profile, this is it. Jjajangmen is very similar to another name on this list, namely Chapagetti, in that they are adaptations of Jajangmyeon, a very popular Chinese-Korean dish. 

Jjajangmen carries a savory-sweet taste and, overall, is a bit closer to its originator than its competitor, with a heavier sauce base, more “ocean flavor,” and dried vegetable offerings.

Nongshim Neoguri¹¹


One of Nongshim's most popular offerings is Neoguri, a spicy instant noodle with a hint of seafood flavoring. Neoguri is unique in that, unlike most other ramyun packages, they contain thicker udon-like noodles. They also contain larger seaweed flakes that really bring out the seafood flavor this product is known for. 

Due to the unique nature of this product, many instant noodle fans will always have some Neoguri on hand.

Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup¹²


Bowl noodle soups are the pinnacle of convenience. Being very similar to cup noodles that many are familiar with, these noodles are packaged in a bowl-like container instead of a narrower cup. All you have to do is add the soup base, pour boiling water into the bowl, and wait for two to three minutes depending on your noodle cook preference. 

Nongshim's bowl noodle soups contain all the rich flavor profiles of their traditionally packaged relatives and some would argue that they taste even better. This is a great product to have on hand for those lazy days when making or getting food just seems like too much work.

Nongshim Chapagetti¹³


I told you Nongshim would have repeat appearances on this list, and this is last but not least of their products here. Chapagetti was the first instant noodle adaptation of the famous Chinese-Korean dish Jajangmyeon. 

While the flavor is not as authentic as its counterpart, Paldo's Jjajangmen, you can't deny the great taste of a bowl of Chapagetti. Some of the "ocean flavor" found in its originator and in Paldo's version is absent here, but for some, this is not a downside. 

This is another great alternative to the spicy instant noodles on this list.

Samyang Buldak¹⁴


This is one of Korea's most famous instant noodles, starting fires on tongues and the Internet. Buldak literally translates to fire chicken, painting an image of the chaos to ensue. The Scoville heat measurement of the 3x Haek version, which is the spiciest in the line of Samyang's Buldak noodles, is 13,000 units. A Jalapeno pepper rates between 2,000 and 8,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Be careful with this one!

Paldo Teumsae Ramyun¹⁵


The last instant noodle product on our list is also a fiery competitor, as the previous Samyang noodle on our list. Teumsae Ramyun is a traditional noodle soup by most standards, but one sip of the broth will tell you that this instant noodle isn’t a meal option for people who aren’t into spicy food. The spice level isn't quite to the heat standards of Samyang Buldak, but at over 9,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), Teumsae Ramyun is not to be taken lightly! 

The soup, which at full heat tastes like molten lava, creates an extra challenge for those aspiring to consume an entire bowl.

Final Thoughts

Instant noodles have become an integral part of our pantry and for good reason. They’re convenient, easy to store, and taste great! There are a huge variety of instant noodles out there for you to experience. 

Our list contains some of our favorites but don’t take our word for it. Go and get your hands on some instant noodles and create your own favorites!

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