MyCheery – The Freeze-Dried Fruit Brand Rising In Popularity

With more than 20 years of freeze-dried food technology experience, Fujian Lizhongcheng are experts in manufacturing products that never disappoint. Read on to learn more about their unique features and why you should start selling their products. 

Brand introduction:  

Located in Fujian China, Mycheery is a new to market freeze-dried fruit brand. Their manufacturer, Fujian Lizhongcheng Food Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in freeze-dried food technology, with more than 20 years of experience. As a professional freeze-dried food supplier, they have excellent teams who focus on product development, quality control, inspection and more. Their professional engineers and R&D ensure they have the capability to design and produce innovative products. To supply satisfactory products and services, they have also built a modern Quality Management System (QMS), which is in strict accordance with international standards, which allowed them to achieve the highest standards of international manufacturing certifications.  

For example, most of their products have ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, GMP, BRC and Kosher certifications. Additionally, this supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company Intertek – Proving the amount of testing they have gone through to provide the best guaranteed food, for you to trust wholeheartedly and sell in your stores.  

Credible supplier with proven sales:  

  • Registered capital of 50 million RMB  
  • Produce more than 3000 Tonnes of freeze-dried products 
  • Annual sales of US$29M   
  • Annual output value of over US$100M 
  • Total export revenue of US$4.7M  


What makes them stand out?   

Fujian Lizhongcheng Food Co., Ltd. pays full attention to strengthening and constantly improving their scientific research cooperation, and have been pursuing high standardization in talent equipment, new product development and management, and gradually achieving better international standards from the aspects of raw material planting, production and quality inspection.  

The food produced by Fujian Lizhongcheng Food Co., Ltd. not only has a high market share in China but has also expanded the company's products to foreign markets in 2021. The company that used to focus on production has now developed into an independent brand that has won market recognition.    

Unique factors of MyCheery’s Freeze dried fruits  

  • 100% pure fruit, no artificial flavours, colours & preservatives 
  • Easier to carry than fresh fruit - Convenient 
  • Minimally processed and boasts a long shelf life of 18 months 
  • Better nutritional value compared to other fruit snacks.   
  • Healthy snack for people of all ages 
  • Great as an ice cream or cereal topping  
  • Assortment of fruits to meet the needs of different taste profiles 
  • When these freeze-dried fruits are soaked in water for about a minute and then eaten, they will have the texture of fresh fruits 
  • The nutrition and vitamin C of freeze-dried series products only lose 3% during the processing process, and the concentrate is the essence of the original ingredients.  
  • The nutrition of the food is perfectly preserved. 
  • Good margin 35-38%  
  • RSP $3.40-$3.90    


  1. Mycheery Freeze Dried Apple Crisp, 100% Real Fruit, 20g

RSP $3.40     Cost $2.10     Margin 38% 

  1. Mycheery Freeze Dried Strawberry Crisp, 100% Real Fruit, 20g

RSP $3.40     Cost $2.10     Margin 38% 

  1. Mycheery Freeze Dried Banana Crisp, 100% Real Fruit, 20g

RSP $3.40     Cost $2.10     Margin 38% 

  1. Mycheery Freeze Dried Mango Crisp, 100% Real Fruit, 20g

RSP $3.40     Cost $2.10     Margin 38% 

  1. Mycheery Freeze Dried Assorted Fruits, 100% Real Fruit, 45g

RSP $3.90    Cost $2.52     Margin 35% 

Market overview of Freeze-Dried fruits  

The global freeze-dried fruit and vegetables market shows immense potential as it is projected to register a CAGR of 6.60% during the forecast period of 2022-2027.  

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global supply chain and has seen customers increasingly shifting to the ambient food sector. The longer shelf life of items in this category appeals to consumers as it allows them to stock up on them in their homes or pantries. Furthermore, the ease of processing heat sensitive food products like fruits and providing them with longer shelf lives without compromising on their original properties are the major driving factors for this market. As a result, the global freeze-dried food fruit market has undergone a significant increase, particularly over the prime buying months.  

Moreover, it meets the needs of fast-paced life significantly. The rising interest and awareness about health and wellness also plays a significant role in driving the sales of food products containing freeze-dried fruit and vegetable ingredients.  

Start stocking MyCheery Products  

With response to the changes in people's daily life and diet, Fujian Lizhongcheng Food Co., Ltd. continues to develop and produce a variety of food suitable to meet this demand from consumers. 

Check out more of MyCheery's great products on Trustana Wholesale’s website to get more information, learn in detail and start stocking up on them. Now’s your chance to sell them in your stores to generate profits. Rest assured you will stand out from competition from selling these authentic and unique new products.  

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