Mulberries: The Next Health Food for Conscious Consumers



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Never tried mulberries before? It’s time to give this underrated fruit a go! Read this in-depth article to learn why you should start selling mulberries.

When it comes to delightful treats, it’s a surprise that the sweet, nourishing qualities of mulberries have somehow been kept quiet for so long.

Get to Know Mulberries

Mulberries are the fruits of mulberry trees. They’re in the same fruit family as figs and breadfruit. The bright berries are most often found in black, white, or red, depending on the species of the tree, and they tend to be about the size of blackberries.

Mulberries are not only edible but delicious to eat. They can be made into long-lived favorites like mulberry wine, fruit juice, tea, and jam. On their own, mulberries make a tasty snack as well. Thanks to their sweet flavour, nutritional value, and health benefits, mulberries are gaining popularity worldwide. 

Mulberries fall in line with several health food trends and product flavours gaining popular interest these days like yuzu fruit, cherry blossom or sakura, and chicory. The list is full of antioxidants, digestive support, and other health benefits. So when customers choose mulberries, they’re looking for a tasty fresh snack or a delicious and versatile ingredient for their next dish.

As people around the world learn about mulberries, their popularity is only expected to grow, which is why we want to share the health benefits of this versatile fruit and just how you might use mulberries at home. 


Top 5 Ways to Use Mulberries:

People have been eating mulberries quite literally for millennia. Today, as consumers become more health conscious, they’re on the lookout for food and beverage options that measure up to their nutritional expectations while still offering them an enjoyable eating experience. Here are just a few great options for incorporating mulberries into your everyday lifestyle.

1. Step up your porridges

  • Skip the sugar and add an extra bit of sweetness to a traditional breakfast with mulberries.

2. Beautify your salads

  • Bring color and zest to the salad plate with a unique addition of mulberries.

3. Freeze them into a sorbet

  • Blend mulberries on their own or incorporate them with other fruits for a healthy, homemade treat.

4. Make jam

  • Nothing can replace the delicious zing of real fruit jam on toast or as a creative addition in a new recipe.

5. DIY wine

  • Mulberry wine is a long-lived favorite. Homemade wine can be a fun way to celebrate the health benefits of the mulberry fruit with friends.


Why Pick Mulberries?


Check out some of the most popular health benefits of mulberry fruit. More and more, conscious consumers are choosing to improve their health by eating well, and mulberries fit well on the list of healthy ingredients.

  • Vitamins & Nutrients

Mulberries are rich in Vitamin C, Iron, and Potassium. They’re valuable additions to any meal, especially when consumers may be buying supplements to increase their intake of these and other nutrients. 

  • Digestive Health

As with many natural fruits, mulberries have a good fiber content. While fiber is underrepresented in many regional diets, consumers are picking up on the importance of daily fiber intake for digestive health as well as mental health, cancer prevention, and more. 

  • Blood Pressure Balance

Among other healthful ingredients, mulberries contain resveratrol. Resveratrol is known to have a positive impact on blood pressure imbalance, possibly from its vasodilator effects, and may help reduce the likelihood of blood clots and heart attacks.

There’s more where those came from. Check out some mulberry products to find more ways eating mulberries can benefit overall health. With so much to offer the everyday consumer, it’s no surprise demand is growing. Farmers like South Australian viticulturist Peter Szabo are also looking to support the popularity of mulberry products in the marketplace. 


So Where Do You Buy Mulberries?

You may be surprised to learn there’s a mulberry tree down the street from your home or up on the hill at the park nearby. It’s absolutely possible to grow mulberries on your own by planting a tree and gathering the fruit. However, it will take a while to wait for a newly planted seedling to mature, and gathering this delightful fruit can be tedious. 

When retailers stock mulberries from Trustana, it’s easy to relax, grab a handful of mulberries, and enjoy the richness of the berry. Mulberries aren’t yet mainstream in retail, so Trustana clients can be at the front of the health food trend with mulberry products. From juices to dried fruit, Trustana offers an appealing array of mulberry options that is only growing. Keep an eye out for our new mulberry products coming soon to our wholesale store!

Visit Trustana’s wholesale site today and prepare to stock your shelves with mulberries and mulberry products. Trustana imports the products and takes care of the logistics so you can make your purchase and translate the new products directly to your inventory. You’ll find an excellent resource for small and medium retail businesses with great prices and no minimums. Customers will love the trendy, healthy foods on your shelves. 


If you’d like more information or could use some support in getting started, contact Trustana today.

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