Live Tasting Of Trustana’s New Arrivals – Must Sell Snacks from China

Competition in the Food and Beverage industry is high these days, and it is not ideal to solely rely on pricing promotions. Instead, by stocking up on new and unique products, you can get your customers to keep coming to your store for more – This month, we held another round of live tasting, for retailers to better understand these newly launched products’ unique selling points and what makes them stand out, to better help with their sourcing needs. 

Our hosts explored some top picks from these new brands, in accordance with rising sourcing trends. They shared recommendations and tips on how retailers can improve sales with these specially curated products.   

Products were picked from a wide range of emerging brands like Shudaoxiang, HAPPYFULL, and YiJian. Apart from the tasting, further insights such as unique selling points and differentiating factors from each brand were discussed, to provide retailers with the best information, to stock up on these brands. 

Products introduced: 

  1. [Shudaoxiang] - Wholesale Spicy Yam Chips
  2. [Shudaoxiang] - Wholesale Spicy Lotus Root Slices
  3. [Shudaoxiang] - Wholesale Sichuan Flavored Langya Potato Strips


4. [HAPPYFULL] - Wholesale Perilla Flavored Plum Sheet

5. [HAPPYFULL] - Wholesale Pitted Preserved Brown Sugar Flavored Plum

6. [HAPPYFULL] - Wholesale Sour Prune Drink, Rose flavor


  1. [Yijian] - Wholesale EaseLife Flavored Alkaline Water, Peach Flavor
  2. [Yijian] - Wholesale EaseLife Flavored Alkaline Water, Hyuganatsu Flavor


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