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Last-Minute Wholesale Sourcing Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Sales

’Tis the season for strategic sourcing! Your customers are avidly searching for and buying the gifts they’ll share with their loved ones, friends, and coworkers this holiday season. So, no matter how you celebrate, you need to be prepared for the busiest sales season of the year. In anticipation of successful seasonal and year-end sales, stock up now so you have products to sell!


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Last-Minute Wholesale Sourcing Tips

It’s no secret that it’s best to plan ahead this time of year, but even the most clever plans can be disrupted by unexpected sales, abrupt inventory changes, and unusual choices among customers. If you find yourself in a bind and looking for options to source more products at the last minute, make confident, savvy choices that meet your customers’ needs in the short term and support your business in the long term. You’ve already got plenty on your plate, so we’ve gathered these tips to help you through.

Step One: Practical Product Research

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When you’re urgently trying to stock up and increase your inventory, take it one step at a time. Instead of focusing on finite trends and highly customized products, consider goods you can receive and ship out quickly to customers. Select pre-packaged wholesale items that require little in-between effort from you. Consider high-demand items for the current season. Stocking these products can make that click-to-purchase an easy choice for your consumers.

Step Two: Strategic Supplier Sourcing and Inventory Management

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Eliminate waiting periods by working with suppliers who can meet your timelines. Keep an eye out for items with longer lead times and items with a high minimum order quantity (MOQ). Remember even supposedly appealing deals can be complicated and add more work and stress to your already hectic processes.

Step Three: Scale Your Solutions

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Explore your options with a quick online search. Look for ready stock wholesale, like those at Trustana¹, where most of the work is already done for you and you simply have to turn the products around for retail. Make these last-minute choices some of the most efficient you’ve made this year.

Step Four: Celebrate Samples

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When you’re sourcing from wholesale suppliers that offer tight turnaround times, take advantage of sample opportunities. Order an example of the product before making a large purchase. This way you can test your product before committing to an order. Eliminate the potential financial impact of pursuing a new product without being sure of its quality.

Holiday Item Suggestions for Retailers Like You

Now that you’re clear on how to go about your last-minute wholesale purchases, what do you actually need to buy? Here are some of our top suggestions this time of year.

Holiday Packaging

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Seasonally appropriate gifts are very attractive to consumers. Seeing these in your shop will have your visitors in celebration mode, totally ready to buy. Maybe you’re shopping for Christmas or planning for the Chinese New Year. Whatever the occasion, consider products that are packaged to reflect the spirit of the season. 

Such products might be festively wrapped or feature holiday cartoons or seasonal designs. And don’t forget the blissful mood that comes along with holiday treats! Be sure to stock up for customers looking for Christmas sweets like Hershey’s Kisses² and holiday desserts too.

Wholesale Food for Everyone on Their List

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Speaking of food, it’s good to keep in mind the varied requests and special diets customers may be looking out for. Check out keto-friendly foods like gluten-free Ketoslim Mo Spinach Konjac Noodles³ and Three Squirrels Cashews

Easy-to-prepare Angry Panda Happy Elements Self-Heating Hotpot⁵ and Ketoslim Mo Konjac Rice⁶ are great options for vegetarian snacks and dishes. And Sanyi brand Mapo Tofu Seasoning⁷ is a Halal-certified seasoning perfect for holiday meals.

Coffee, Tea, & Festive Drinks

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Everyone has their holiday favorite when it comes to tasty beverages. From tea to coffee to sparkling beverages, you have a plethora of options for wholesale beverages to stock for your customers. Think about what kind of celebrations your customers will be hosting. 

SanJiang Red Jujube and Black Wolfberry Buckwheat Tea⁸ and YangJu Organic Chrysanthemum Flower Tea⁹ make great household and gift options, and you can ensure they’re up to par with a sample set first if you’d like. Plum, Calamansi, Melon, and Mango flavor CTN Sparkling Fruit Juice¹⁰, another delightful pick for your customers. Don’t forget alcoholic beverages — champagne and sparkling wines like Nederburg Première Cuvée Brut¹¹ always make for a celebratory sip.

Holiday Shopping That’s Easy for Everyone

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This is your chance to make the most of the behind-the-scenes work you put in year-round. As you stock your retail store this holiday season, you can offer your customers unique, curated options that meet their last-minute holiday shopping needs perfectly. They’ll thank you for saving them precious time and energy in this busy time of year.



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