Jadamsun – The Top Selling Jelly Product in South Korea

Continue reading to learn how Jadamsun became a massively popular brand amongst customers. 

Brand intro:  

Jadamsun is a leading Korean healthy snack brand, founded in 2012. They have continued to grow more than 50% every year due to the trust and love their customers have on them. The past decade, Jadamsun has been producing delicious yet healthy jellies and smoothies. Jadamsun aims to continue striving to become a company that creates a healthy living culture through healthy food where nature and people coexist. It is their principle and belief to find wholesome food in clean nature, and they work towards filling consumers with food as such both now and in the future. 

Jadamsun was established by people who share a common purpose to create value for the nation and mankind - creating value for social sharing with a focus on people. They have exported to more than 10 countries like the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and even Taiwan 7-eleven - Thereby proving to be a massively popular brand amongst customers looking for healthy and diet food products.   


The name Jadamsun came about as it is a name that creates a healthy and wholesome food culture that contains the freshness and purity of nature. Tied closely with their mission, Jadamsun will safely produce and supply healthy food that can be shared with people of all ages with the right values in their hearts.  


  1. Jadamsun Calamansi Low Calorie Double Konjac Jelly

RSP $2.00     Cost $1.55    Margin 22% 

  1. Jadamsun Apple  Low Calorie Double Konjac Jelly

RSP $2.00     Cost $1.55    Margin 22% 

  1. Jadamsun Grape  Low Calorie Double Konjac Jelly

RSP $2.00     Cost $1.55    Margin 22% 

  1. Jadamsun Mango Low Calorie  Double Konjac Jelly

RSP $2.00     Cost $1.55    Margin 22% 

Unique features of Jadamsun jellies 

Consumers are sure to enjoy Jadamsun products due to the assortment of flavours available - Best part is they can do so without feeling guilty. It empowers them to live a more balanced life by switching regular snack options to low calorie healthy superfood that is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.  

  • Zero sugar superfood: Konjac is widely known throughout Asia for its benefits on diet and weight loss. The core component - Glucomannan, a dietary fibre, leaves consumers feeling satisfied helping them resist the temptation for other high calorie food. 
  • Erythritol is used instead of added sugars - Most of the ingredients are emitted from the body. 
  • The only 2 layer jelly in the market: Jadamsun Jelly contains another layer of Konjac jelly (two textures) inside to make it even more delicious with a unique texture – soft layer plus chewy bits 
  • Konjac - A super ingredient which is low fat and high fibre.   
  • The perfect meal replacement drink on the go: For example, Jadamsun jellies can be consumed as a breakfast meal, or workout snack after gym. Therefore, it is super convenient to bring along this superfood pack around with you - Each smoothie pack is ready to drink.  
  • Keeps hunger satisfied without the calories 
  • Targeted at dieters and weight maintainers alike 
  • The fun squeeze pouch is designed for anyone to enjoy Konjac jelly. 

Start stocking Jadamsun products  


The global Konjac market is anticipated to grow due to a rise in demand for nutritional foods. The rising adoption of new cuisines has also led to the rise in demand for the Konjac based products, thereby boosting the growth of this market. Valued at USD 2,069 Million in 2019, it is additionally expected to have a growth rate of 8.3% by the year 2027.  

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