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Are plums the next superfood? They’re certainly on our list of delicious treats for health conscious consumers and, if you take a look at the global market, it appears they’re no passing fad. 

Plums have some truly awesome benefits to health. Plus, they’re affordable, and they taste great!

How Do You Eat Plums?

Beyond the pleasure of bringing a perfectly ripe fruit to your lips on a hot summer day, there are plenty of creative ways to prepare plums so you can enjoy them even more. 

Plums can be grilled, giving them a rich texture to complement the tender sweetness of the fruit. Caramelized plums, made by slow-cooking the plums, can spice up dishes like pancakes, mascarpone, or ice cream. This delightful little fruit can be cooked down to create sauces and jams, delicious for dinner that same day or easy to preserve for another season. And plums dry well for tasty, crunchy, tangy crisps. 

We’ve clearly got a versatile fruit on our hands. It’s easy to see how plums are a great choice for retailers looking to provide healthier options for consumers. Let’s dig into some of the reasons you’ll want to add more plum products to your shelves.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Plums

Plums are a source of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, among other vitamins and nutrients. These qualities make plums a perfect addition to a healthy breakfast and an ideal selection for a nourishing and hydrating afternoon snack. 

Want to learn a bit more about the health benefits of plums? Here are five health facts about plums everyone can appreciate.

    • Great for bone health

Research shows¹ that dried plums or prunes are a meaningful source of vitamin K and potassium, both of which can improve bone health.

    • Protection against cell damage and cancer

Plums have antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and help to protect healthy cells.

    • Effective for constipation relief

Dried plums are a great source of fiber² and contain other components like phenolic compounds which also can have laxative effects.

    • Improved memory and brain health

The plums’ antioxidants are at it again, inhibiting free radicals from affecting memory and supporting increased blood flow to the brain³

    • Help prevent diabetes

Plums can support blood sugar regulation and, as Healthline reports⁴, “consuming fruits like plums and prunes is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.”

Why Sell Plums?

Retailers have a lot to gain by selling plums and plum products. This sweet little fruit can add a unique touch to your food and beverage options, creating a lovely visual to attract customers and offering them the versatility plums can bring to any meal.

Consumers are choosing plums over other fruits for flavor, price tag, and convenience, among other reasons. According to Business Wire, in a study⁵ measuring the worldwide sales of plums and sloes from 2007 to 2018, China measured the largest volume of plum and sloe consumption at 7.1 million tonnes, accounting for 59% of total global consumption. Demand for plums continues to increase worldwide, and the global market is projected to continue its upward consumption trend over the next seven years and reach 14 million tonnes by the end of 2025⁶.

Don’t wait to take advantage of the plum trend. Take a look at what you can expect with the potential of plums. 

Ready to Purchase Plums for Your Food and Beverage Offerings? 

Plums’ health benefits are clear and consumers are catching on. Is it time for you to stock up?

Food and beverage vendors will be excited to find an abundance of plum products on the market. Trustana has a handful of high quality, delicious plum products on our shelves. Check out what’s available. You’ll see plenty of Popular plum products⁷, including Pitted preserved brown sugar flavored plum⁸, Original flavor plum sheets⁹, Preserved plums¹⁰, Plum extract ball snacks¹¹, and Sour prune drinks¹².



Trustana makes it easy for you to add plums to your inventory. We take care of shipping and logistics. The products are already imported and ready to sell. Start sourcing now, so that you meet consumers’ expectations and match their rising demands for this versatile fruit. Skip the hassle and stock up with Trustana food and beverage products, especially plums, today! 

If you’d like more information or could use some support in getting started, contact Trustana¹³ today.


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