HuaJiao ShiJia – The Leading Manufacturers Of Pepper Flavoured Foods

  Though established in 2018, HuaJiao ShiJia has worked its way to being one of the leading manufacturers of Pepper ...


Though established in 2018, HuaJiao ShiJia has worked its way to being one of the leading manufacturers of Pepper flavoured foods - Here’s why. 

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Brand introduction

HuaJiao ShiJia was established in 2018 and has progressed to becoming one of the leading and award-winning manufacturers of Sichuan pepper flavoured snacks. The company's main goal is to devote itself to the research and development, production and sales of pepper derived products. Located in Shaanxi, a northwestern Chinese province, they specialize in snacks with Sichuan peppercorn. At present, the products that have been developed include Sichuan pepper hand-made rice, Sichuan pepper small twist, Sichuan pepper yogurt and other pepper products. Now, HuaJiao ShiJia has a complete supply chain system. Through omni-channel marketing, good brand recognition and influence have been formed. They successfully managed to become a strong brand in the category field, with daily sales of more than 5000 cartons, amounting to cumulative sales of more than 50 million packages the past 3 years. They leverage on advanced technology to develop high quality food products, while preserving the authentic taste of peppercorn product. 

Over the past three years, the company has always adhered to their development concept of "green and sustainable" and created a complete set of professional quality packaging systems: standardized production processes, large-scale production workshops, modern production equipment, safe production operations, and scientific quality testing. Their Zanthoxylum Family is based on safety, hygiene, nutrition, and health. The company has a long-term perspective, devoting itself to exploring continuous innovation and reform, and takes advanced technology and its own sense of responsibility as its mission to make assured food.  

History of peppercorn  

The use of peppercorns by Chinese people dates back more than 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Sichuan pepper is also an aromatic preservative - The ancients used its high-efficiency insect-proof and antiseptic effect as well, thereby proving its versatility and uniqueness. Sichuan Pepper has a mellow but vibrant spice that creates an addictive warmth as you eat that will keep you coming back again for more. The mix of Sichuan Pepper and the perfect crunch make these snacks delicious and irresistible.   

Hancheng Dahongpao prickly ash, which is produced in Hancheng, has long enjoyed the reputation of "Chinese famous pepper" for its "big ears and many grains, thick skin and rich meat, bright colour, strong fragrance and moderate numbness". In 2000, it was named by the State Forestry Administration as the "Hometown of Chinese Famous, Special and Excellent Economic Forests and Peppers". 

HuaJiao ShiJia’s best-selling products  

[Huajiao Shijia] - Wholesale Rattan Pepper Rice Crisp, Explosive Hot Spicy Flavor 

[Huajiao Shijia] - Wholesale Rattan Pepper Rice Crisp, Spicy Flavor 

Cost: $2.35 | Retail selling price: $3.30 | Margin: 29% 

[Huajiao Shijia] - Wholesale Prickly Ash Rice Crisp, Spicy Flavor 

[Huajiao Shijia] - Wholesale Prickly Ash Rice Crisp, Pepper Aroma 

[Huajiao Shijia] - Wholesale Prickly Ash Rice Crisp, Explosive Hot Spicy Flavor 

Cost: $1.76 | Retail selling price: $2.50 | Margin: 30% 

Guo Ba, also known as Rice Crisps, are the top selling products from HuaJiao ShiJia. There are over 20,000 packets sold a day in China. They have a variety of factors which make them stand out, like the fact that they are made with high-quality rice, soybeans and HanCheng DaHongPao pepper, a specialty of Shaanxi. This pepper is one of the best Chinese peppers available, famous for its bright colour, strong fragrance, and a meaty husk - where all the flavour is stored. These products are a suitable alternative and treat to regular potato or corn chips, as they have this unique taste, flavour, and appeal to consumers. They are freshly produced in batches with a shelf life of 8 months.  

Start stocking HuaJiao ShiJia’s products  

  • Crunchy, tasty, and trendy famous snacks from China – Appeal to consumers due to its uniqueness  
  • Plenty of varieties to choose from - Lots of different options for every consumer  
  • High-quality rice, vegetable oil, chili, and other ingredients used during the manufacturing process – Assured food for consumers   
  • Made by traditional manual craftsmanship – Proving its authenticity and distinctiveness from other generic snack brands (Change in preferences) 
  • Guaranteed good margins – Affordable pricing with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) - Perfect to stock up on and sell in your small business / SME  

Check out more of HuaJiao ShiJia’s great products on Trustana Wholesale’s website, to see and get more information, learn in detail and start stocking up on them to sell to your customers. Rest assured you will stand out from competition and reap sales from selling these authentic and unique new products. 

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