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How the Right Set of Tableware Can Change Your Dinner Game

Make your next dinner even more special with beautiful, functional tableware. Get the scoop on quality options and what ...


Make your next dinner even more special with beautiful, functional tableware. Get the scoop on quality options and what to consider when you buy tableware.

What makes a good meal great? Of course, a delicious dish is at the heart of any great meal, but presentation shapes the dining experience just as much as the food on the plate. Excellent presentation can truly elevate a meal. We’re talking about tableware — dishes, platters, silverware — all the trappings that make it possible to enjoy a good meal. Attention to detail around food presentation and tableware is growing in popularity. Whether it’s through  gorgeous food images on social media, food presentation settings in quality restaurants or the consistent growth of quality products in lifestyle magazines, consumers are paying attention to the ways their tableware affects their experience of food. 

When it comes to choosing tableware to complement a dish or a home, we’ve got some great suggestions for you. 

Why Do You Need Good Tableware?

1. First Impressions Matter (and they last!)

Before the food is even served, tableware is the first thing to catch our eye at the table. This rings true especially for formal dinners where different plates and utensils are used for different courses of the meal, but tableware sets the tone for any kind of meal. Tableware sets can be a great way to keep your table neat and inspire diners before they even see the meal.

2. Tableware Sets the Mood

No matter your style, the sort of tableware you choose influences the perception of a meal. 

Maybe you like a simple, elegant presentation with crisp edges and simple colours (something like Life Concept plates), or perhaps you crave a traditional aesthetic (maybe something like Moomin’s Tableware sets) reminiscent of home-cooked meals from childhood. Choosing the right tableware can establish just the mood you’re looking for.

Life Concept Moomin

3. Quality Tableware Is Beautiful and Functional 

There’s a growing demand for aesthetically beautiful, creative products that are also functional. Trends continue to build in divergent directions, including bold and artistic as well as simple and elegant. hhh

Must-Have Tableware Items 

While tableware is sold in all sorts of combinations, it’s helpful to get an idea of the basics and then make additions based on your needs and wishes. Fundamental to any set are bowls, dinner plates, saucers, teacups, and silverware. 

You’ll often find excellent sets with these basics to get you started. You can then add to your collection to build some personality and ensure you have what you need for the dishes you like to cook and the people you like to serve. For example, if you’re feeding younger children you might appreciate a partition plate. You may decide to add a specific bowl shape to your set to accommodate a certain kind of soup or noodle dish. Perhaps you’d like to have a variety of serving tools that match your set and enhance the overall look of your tableware.

Moomin Bowl Set

Moomin Hyvää Trio 13cm Bowl Set

​​Moomin Partition Plate

Moomin Round Plate with Partition

Choosing the Best Tableware for You

  • Material

Are you looking for a special material? Ceramic, glass, and metal are some basic options to consider with great benefits.

  • Shape, Colour, and Pattern

Express your personality at the table. Choose from sets and styles and find something that aligns with your mood or the aesthetic you want to present.

  • Casual to Formal

You can find tableware for a fancy event or everyday use. Some exceptional sets will do for both! Ensure the size, material, and other factors match your needs.

  • Numbers

Buy a set (or two) from favourite lines like Moomin to ensure you have plenty of dishes for all your guests.

Moomin Plate Set

Moomin Kävely 5 Piece 15cm Plate Set

Market Forecast for Tableware Worldwide

As with many commercial markets relating to food these days, we’re seeing an increase in demand for tableware. According to Grand View Research, “The global tableware market size was valued at USD 40.1 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.0% over the forecast period. Economic growth in emerging countries and development of attractive tableware are the primary factors driving this industry.”

Consumer Demand

Grand View Research states that consumer demand in this sector is growing due to a combination of increases in disposable income, global lifestyle changes, and an increased number of households. Aesthetic glassware and ceramic plates continue to be of interest to consumers, especially those looking for sleek, affordable, quality items for their tableware. Consumers seek purposeful, long-lasting, attractive products. You can get an idea of the variety and quality consumers are looking out for among Trustana’s wholesale selection.

It’s Time for New Tableware 

Any occasion can be brightened by a delightful meal, and every meal is enhanced by quality tableware. If you’re ready to cash in on the trend, Trustana has an excellent selection of unique tableware brands and goods for you to explore. Choose from the cutest Moomin, colourful Aderia, or simple Life Concept, or find your own best fit.

Still looking for that ideal fit? Reach out to our customer success team and we will help you find the perfect tableware. Contact us with your questions at Trustana.

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