How Hangry Co. boosted their sales and efficiency with Trustana

Meet Hangry.Co

Hangry Co. is an online shopee seller that started their business during COVID. Their store focuses on selling unique and trendy pre-packaged goods. Their team of two leveraged this opportunity as more and more consumers embarked on the shift towards shopping online in response to the pandemic. 

Challenges Customer Faced

When Hangry Co. first started out, the team struggled to find the right suppliers. Their confidence was deterred in the sourcing process when they paid a supplier but did not get their order fulfilled. This meant a loss in their monetary and time investment. 

Their second challenge - bearing upfront risk. With a lack of brand awareness, sales for the first 2 months were also negative. They had to bear high risk of pre-purchasing goods in large quantities. 

In an attempt to grow their awareness organically, Hangry Co. decided to leverage on word-of-mouth and social media. They relooked at their pricing, in order to attract customers at this initial stage, and also joined Shopee’s free shipping programme, and Facebook groups. 

Why Hangry.Co Chose Trustana 

Hangry Co. needed something more robust and unique - That’s when they found Trustana, via a paid search ad on google while searching for snack suppliers.

Hangry.Co chose to source from Trustana as they had access to a responsive and reliable support team to facilitate their ordering process. Hangry.Co was also particularly interested in the unique and trendy selection of pre-packaged snacks that Trustana imports as it gave the brand an opportunity to stand out from the rest of their competitors. There was also less time taken for them to source from different suppliers as Trustana’s platform gives them access to multiple brands and categories. 

We sat down with co-founder Ryan to understand more about his experience with the brand.

" Trustana did all the work for us. They helped with importing goods into the market, on top of a curated selection from reliable and proven to sell brands. Because of this, our time taken to find a supplier was largely reduced as well.’"

Hangry Co. was pleasantly surprised by their first buying experience with Trustana as the response time from the customer success team was exceptionally fast, and this gave them the confidence to continue sourcing from Trustana. Another factor which contributed to their trust and satisfaction with Trustana was that their pricing and low MOQ lowers the barriers to entry for SMEs like them. 

The Results

BLOGImage: South_Agency on Unsplash

Partnering with Trustana has helped Hangry co. improve their sales by 20%. These sales were garnered due to the uniqueness provided by Trustana’s products, which allowed Hangry Co. to stand out from their competitors. Since these products are not commonly found in major or chain retailers, consumers were curious to try out the products.

Additionally, Hangry co. saw a 40% increase in operational efficiency without having to reach out to multiple suppliers for each product type. The buying experience is one of the most important factors in sales. Delivering a great experience to prospective buyers indeed forms one of the biggest impacts on whether or not they will buy something.

Similarly, Hangry co. found the buying process on Trustana seamless and convenient. With an easy to navigate website, they found the detailed ingredients list and suggested retail pricing extremely valuable for their business. 


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For any further enquiries, feel free to reach out to Trustana’s sales team if you are interested in working towards driving your sales or getting the best recommendations suited for your store.

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