Top Health Benefits of Honey Lemon Usage

Honey and lemon are both powerful, natural ingredients that have a lot of benefits and uses on their own. But when you combine these two products, you come up with quite the superfood!

Not only are honey and lemon extra flavorful products¹, but they have a lot of health benefits that you might not be aware of. Let’s consider these ingredients and their combined strengths for your health.

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How to Use Honey and Lemon

There are a few different ways you can reap the many benefits of honey and lemon, so it’s up to you to implement them.

One way is honey lemon water. Many people prefer this method because it’s easy to do and only takes three ingredients:

  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

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The best way to use these ingredients is to stick to freshly-squeeze lemon juice, organic honey, and filtered water. A one-to-one ratio of honey and lemon works just fine. 

You can also use honey and lemon as a face mask for healthy skin. Just combine lemon juice with honey to get a thick mixture and apply it to your clean face for 20 minutes. 

Finally, you can make another honey lemon drink by adding honey and lemon to your tea². The measurements are up to your personal taste. 

Benefits of Honey and Lemon

You can drink all of the honey lemon tea³ that you want, but what is this actually doing for your health? Check out some of these potential benefits of honey and lemon.

1. Can Boost Your Energy

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Honey is often noted as an energy food⁴, meaning that it can provide your body with some good fuel. At the same time, lemon juice is highly regarded for transferring energy to your metabolism. 

So, drinking honey and lemon with water may just make you feel a little more awake and energized. You might find it helpful if you drink this mixture first thing in the morning before your breakfast or even your cup of coffee.

2. May Aid in Digestion

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Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling nauseous? How about after eating your breakfast - do things in your gut just not feel right?

If so, you might want to try a honey lemon drink such as tea⁵ or water first thing in the morning. 

Honey and lemon are both great for your digestion and gut health. On one side of the equation, lemon has ascorbic and citric acids⁶, which can help stimulate the acids in your stomach. Overall, this can lead to better food digestion.

The other side of this mix is honey, which can help prevent and treat gastric disorders. It also has prebiotic qualities and can add some good bacteria to your gut for more balance and overall gut health.

3. Could Treat Acne

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Honey and lemon aren’t just good for consumption. As we mentioned in our section on usage, you can also make a nice face mask using these ingredients that may help clear up acne. 

Both honey and lemons contain a hefty number of antioxidants, which are great for the skin. Applying honey and lemon to your skin may help heal acne⁷, and lemon juice, in particular, can help improve brightness and scarring. 

Drinking honey lemon tea or water can also have a positive impact on your skin from the inside out. These antioxidants work on both sides for a well-rounded approach to health. 

Additionally, lemon juice and the Vitamin C that it contains can aid with anti-aging. Women who consume more Vitamin C may see fewer wrinkles and more hydrated skin for a graceful aging process.

4. Can Improve Immunity

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We always hear such great things about Vitamin C. When you’re sick a doctor will typically recommend a Vitamin C immunity supplement. That’s because Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients⁸. 

Vitamin C is great for overall health. It protects us from illnesses like the common cold to more serious ailments like cancer and stroke. 

And the best part is that you can’t get too much Vitamin C. Your body naturally releases the excess in your system, so you don’t have to worry about consuming too much.

Honey lemon water or tea can give you an excellent boost of Vitamin C, and you barely have to do anything to get it. 

5. Treats Sore Throats

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Have you noticed that many of the lozenge brands you see today often feature lemon and honey? There’s a good reason for that. A solid combination of honey and lemon can do wonders for a sore throat. 

Honey naturally has soothing and even wound-healing properties⁹. It’s a highly effective antibacterial and germ killer, and it can even help in tissue regeneration. Using honey on a sore throat or an infected throat can help speed up the healing process and give you relief at the same time. 

Lemon also has some antibacterial properties, which is why it’s often used in cleaning products. When combined with honey, it makes for a powerful combination that can make you feel better. It works best when used in heated water or hot tea. Try it out next time you get a sore throat!

6. May Help Burn Fat

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Remember earlier when we mentioned that lemon juice can help kickstart your metabolism? Well, honey also plays a role in this. So when you drink honey lemon water, you’re essentially giving your metabolism the chance to wake up faster and work harder.

Your metabolism controls the rate at which your body uses and burns calories. A faster metabolism burns more calories. Therefore, drinking honey lemon water may help you increase your metabolic rate by a little bit and can help you lose a little weight in the process.

Final Thoughts

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Honey and lemon juice are such common, simple products that no one could ever guess the magnitude of the power they hold for your overall health. If you haven’t already hopped on the honey-lemon trend, now is the time to start!


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