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Highly Sellable Japan New Arrivals Livestream By Trustana

We are back with another round of our Virtual Sourcing Showroom, this time with a brand-new category - Top 10 Japanese Homeware to source for new and interesting products to sell in your store! Our hosts Olivia and Hema, introduced products from our newest category, Home and Living. If you missed it, here is the recap of what went down. 

To get things started, our hosts started off by sharing some customer buying trends within the home and living category. Significant trends included: 

  1. Customers wanting products that fit their lifestyle needs 
  2. Practical and functional products, but they also go for aesthetics  
  3. Sustainable and earth-friendly products 
  4. Importance for country of origin: Made-In-Japan 

Once the insights and trends were shared, our hosts moved on to the next part of the livestream, whereby they shared a couple of new product highlights from Japan, that might be suitable for retailers to get started off with. 

Getting to know the products in-depth  

Our hosts brought the audience through brand introductions coupled with product information. All products were curated based on their success and we highly recommend them to retailers to start selling them in stores. 

LillyWhite – Minimalist designs, great for any kitchen 

Yutaka-Horo Co., Ltd, is a kitchenware manufacturer based in Tsubame City in Niigata, the center of manufacturing. They manufacture the stunning LillyWhite series. Specializing in enamel kitchenware and enamel tableware related products are one of their unique selling points, that allow for such durable products. Enamel is known for being smooth, hard, durable, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and it makes for a formidable barrier ensuring the continued safety and long life of your kitchenware. Adding on to that, Lillywhite products don’t just serve as a storage container, but can also be heated up on the stove, kept in the fridge or just can be used as it is on the table, which truly proves its versatility. Therefore, it lasts longer plus serves its purpose beautifully. These significantly appeal to consumers - Definitely a brand worth selling in your store.  

  1. Lilly White SUGAR Printed Canister 
  2. Lilly White BUTTER Printed Container 


Tanabe Kanagu – Heartful Tongs 

Tanabe Kanagu is manufactured From Niigata City, Japan. They started their manufacturing journey of houseware products back in 2005, and manufacture safe, high quality tongs. Their Tongs are made with patented technology and special processing, for maximum comfort and feel. A credible supplier with over 1 million units shipped annually, now's your chance to sell them in your store! They perfectly serve both aesthetics and functionality, as you can see from their products below.  

  1. Tanabe Kanagu Ayaka N Shape Red Ice Tongs 
  2. Tanabe kanagu yellow tama nyanko spoon with can opener 
  3. Tanabe kanagu tama large yanko tongs 

Moomin - Classic Characters with immense success

Moomin was established way back in 1979. Ever since then, Moomin has been voted one of “Top 10 International Brands in China” by the China Animation Licensing Industry 2015, showing its long-term popularity. With this honorable award, Moomin is further strengthening its position as a worldwide brand. These classic characters have had incredible successes in Japan and the Moomin trolls are now on the rise in other parts of Asia as well, showing the immense potential and demand set for these products. Additionally, Moomin has over 300 000 followers on social media, thereby proving this existing demand for their products, which are sure to garner you top-line sales. In addition, with Covid-19 presenting a small threat to those working within offices or public spaces, a personal mug/water bottle is much preferred to one that is shared in a pantry, for example or one that has just been given a quick rinse in the communal kitchen sink! 

  1. Moomin Stainless Double Layer Vacuum Bottle 350ml
  2. Moomin Hyvää Trio 19cm Plate Set 

Snoopy - Globally renowned brand 

Next, a brand which needs no introduction, globally renowned brand Snoopy. A crowd favourite, they have over 16.5 million followers on social media. They have an extensive range of products, from food storage, mugs, plate sets, all the way to utensils or chopsticks sets. Having a brand like Snoopy in your store really saves you the hassle, as you can just let the brand sell itself – Marketing is already done, thus exemplifying the existing demand for this brand.  

  1. Snoopy 5 piece 13cm plate set with wooden box 


Celec – Aesthetic drinkware collection  

Yamaka Shoten Co., Ltd., is a company dedicated to Western ceramic tableware for over 100 years since its establishment in 1913. Since then, as a manufacturer of Western tableware, they have been providing tableware for home and restaurants. They have a Capital of 87,820,000yen. One of their famous collections include Celec. Their unique selling points include having a variety of beautiful and aesthetic designs, vibrant colours and functionality. What’s more? Their Teapots and Mugs come in the same designs so it can be bought as a nice set, giving way for more sales for your store, as consumers seek to purchase the set to match in their households.

  1. Celec Poppy Design Tea Pot  

With that, our hosts came to the end of the livestream, and mentioned other key points Trustana aimed to convey for viewers.  

  • Enjoy Free returns on your first purchase 
  • Free international shipping on all products with a small minimum spend 

These exclusive offers are only valid for a limited time only till the end of June, so start sourcing Trustana Wholesale Now!  

To order any of the products featured and to find out more about them, visit our website. For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us now 

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Online ordering with delivery within 5-10 working days  

Throughout the livestream, participants were given links to view and order the products directly on Trustana Wholesale. Product details such as the MOQ, weight and shelf life were also shared, and our hosts answered questions upfront itself. Participants also were able to redeem an event-exclusive sample set, containing some of our top-selling products. 

An integrated online experience for our retailers  

Trustana is on track in procuring more products that meet the popularity retailers like you are looking for, providing more marketing insights and trends, along with more content on our wholesale website. 

At Trustana wholesale, we have already simplified the whole buying process online - We have cut down the time you need to speak to suppliers, verified suppliers for you, and made it easy with different payment options and low MOQ so you don’t have to commit to a huge order at once. Simply visit our website, browse, get all the information you need, check out and try our products.   

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