What are the Health Benefits of Dried Fruit?

We are all aware of the fact that fruits are essential for our health. However, not all fruits are available all year ...

We are all aware of the fact that fruits are essential for our health. However, not all fruits are available all year round. Also, most people ignore fruits because of the hassle of visiting the grocery store to get fresh fruit frequently, and then there’s the challenge of storing the fruit.

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Thankfully, humanity came up with an alternative--dried fruit. These provide the same nutrients and are easier to purchase and store.

Here are some of the health benefits of eating dried fruit.

1. Helps Prevent Anemia and Hypertension

Selective consumption of dried fruits can benefit people suffering from anemia and hypertension.¹

If you suffer from hypertension, including apricots in your diet is good because they’re rich in potassium which helps prevent hypertension.²

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Additionally, dried apricots are a good source of iron, and dates are too. Therefore, regular intake of these is beneficial to those who are anemic. 

Therefore, if you feel like you’re suffering from any anemia-like symptoms, it would be of your benefit to add one of the selected dried fruits to your diet.

2. Promotes Weight Loss

If you tend to suffer from cravings, then dried fruits are a must-have for you. A dried fruit snack could serve as a replacement for a sugar-filled and unhealthy snack.


Making the switch from junk to dried fruits is challenging. However, you will find that eating dried fruit helps keep your weight down if you struggle with weight gain. Besides, it's healthier.

In addition, if you tend to eat several times a day, switching to dried fruit will help you lose weight.³ Also, to help cut the amount of food you consume, you could practice having some dried fruit before meals to help pre-fill up before you eat.

What’s more, dried fruits such as raisins and prunes also help increase metabolism. This, in turn, helps increase energy levels and help cut down on some of the weight.

3. Improves Heart Health

Adding dried fruit containing minerals and vitamins into your diet can help improve your heart’s health and prevent any heart complications. 

Compared to regular fruit, dried fruit contains more antioxidants and fibers, which play a significant role in maintaining a healthy heart condition.

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Brazil nuts, for example, contain high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium necessary for regulating blood pressure. Nuts also contain unsaturated fats that help maintain good cholesterol levels, reducing the chances of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

In addition, dried fruit, such as cranberries, help maintain a consistent flow of blood from the heart throughout the body by preventing blood clots.

4. Helps Boost Your Energy

Dried fruits are capable of facilitating an energy boost.⁴ It’s the reason they’re a major ingredient in power bars.  

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It would be helpful to have small ounces of dried apricots and grapes throughout the day to help boost your energy and get you through the day.

Additionally, dates naturally have high levels of sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose. They can serve as an immediate source of energy whenever the need arises. That’s why many use dates to end fasts. They’re capable of instantly re-energizing the body.

5. Prevents Bone-Related Illnesses

Dried fruit is excellent for bones⁵, especially for women. That’s because osteoporosis is more prevalent in women than in men. 

Dried fruit, such as prunes, help suppress bone breakdown and can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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In addition, dried apricots contain high volumes of potassium and calcium and can help improve bone health and prevent the risk of suffering from bone illnesses.

Since calcium is necessary for the formation of bones and potassium is necessary for distributing calcium through the body, then including dried fruits in your diet would be helpful.

6. Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

Adding dried fruit to your daily diet, in turn, helps your skin maintain a fresh and healthy look and feel.⁶ Most dried fruit options contain antioxidants and Vitamin C. These help reduce fine lines, giving your skin a smooth look.

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Additionally, dried fruits contain compounds that encourage faster cell regeneration to replace dead skin cells. Walnuts, in particular, contain antioxidants and Vitamin B, which help delay and prevent wrinkles, alongside other signs of aging, by fighting free radical damage.

Dried mangoes contain nutrients that also help in improving skin quality, and raisins are known to contain resveratrol, which acts as a natural skin aging inhibitor.

7. Reduces the Risk of Mental Illness

Several types of dried fruit are excellent for people suffering from mental illnesses. For example, dried berries are rich in antioxidants. These help prevent memory loss.

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Other dried fruits, such as walnuts, have many neuroprotective compounds and antioxidants that enhance cognitive function. In turn, this helps reduce stress and leads to an increased sense of calmness.

Especially for the elderly who are more likely to suffer from dementia, walnuts contain flavonoids and several vitamins that help destroy harmful free radicals known to cause dementia.

8. Improves Digestive Health

Dried fruit can improve your colon health. For instance, dried bananas and dates contain high levels of fiber, which help relieve constipation. 

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An alternative for treating constipation is eating prunes. These are rich in potassium and fiber, which helps solve any issues. Dates, dried bananas, and prunes also help improve the frequency of stool.

In addition, if you suffer from diarrhea, dates can serve as a great home remedy as potassium is known to control diarrhea.


Knowing what you now know, I think it's safe to say you won’t have trouble picking the best dried fruit for your needs. Whatever your health issue, you can put up a great fight with the right choice of dried fruit. Hopefully, you can adapt to eating dried fruit soon and begin reaping the rewards.


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