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Happy Niu Year - A letter from Team Trustana

Happy Niu Year-3

Dear Trustana partners,


Last year at this time, Trustana was a concept, laying the foundations for how we would achieve our mission of enabling seamless cross-border trade. We had a big dream and were just getting started sowing the seeds for a trusted trade ecosystem.  


Since we first launched in 2020, Trustana has welcomed 20,000+ buyers & suppliers to our platform. We are honored to have been able to collaborate with companies in many sectors such as logistics and certification, as well as partner with government agencies. We’ve seen firsthand how Trustana can provide peace of mind & new business opportunities to our customers.     


For the upcoming Year of the Ox, it is said that steady hard work will yield plentiful harvest and significant achievements. Here at Trustana, we are excited to support you, our partners, in your “harvest” this year. We wish you and your family continued health & prosperity.


Happy Chinese New Year!


With warm regards,



General Manager, Trustana

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