Fast-Selling Thai Snacks Virtual Sourcing Showroom By Trustana

We are back with another round of our Virtual Sourcing Showroom to introduce our new fast-selling snacks with proven sales, from Thailand. If you missed it, here is the recap of what went down. 

Virtual Sourcing Showroom - Fast Selling Thai Snacks

Getting to know the products in-depth 

Our hosts Olivia and Trudy brought the audience through brand introductions coupled with live tasting. All products were curated based on their success and we highly recommend them to retailers to start selling them in stores.  

Jele Beautie 

The live tasting was kick started with Thailand’s best-selling, popular low-calorie jelly drink, Jele Beautie. It comes in 3 assorted flavors - Blackcurrant, Lemon, and Vitamins A.C.E. Blackcurrant is very high in oxidants and trending this year, as it boasts vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and C.  These Jele Beautie fruit drinks with carrageenan (jelly) are imbued with vitamins, nutrients and collagen, thereby proving to be very classic functional snacks. Tapping into the functional nutrition space, these benefits are one of the key trends for 2022, as seen from rising demand among customers. Konjac is also an extremely popular prebiotic which helps promote gut friendly bacteria – Serving as delicious taste and healthy choices for family, children and beauty fanatics.  

Stay ahead of competition and start stocking up on these products to sell.  

  1. Jele Beautie Blackcurrant Flavour Jelly 
  2. Jele Beautie Vitamins A.C.E Jelly 
  3. Jele Beautie Lemon Flavour Jelly 

Jele Beautie Jele Beautie

  • MOQ: From 12 Units 
  • Shelf Life: 11 Months 
  • Margins: 30-35% 

Pocky & Pretz 

Thereafter, our hosts moved on to the next brand, well known by all for its products being exported globally - Pocky & Pretz. With flavours unique to Thailand, it is indeed authentic and sure to stand out in your store. Pocky & Pretz has good branding and marketing which makes it especially easy to sell in your online store, as almost everyone is aware of this brand. The biggest point of difference here is that these particular products originate from Thailand. Therefore, it comes in local classic Thai flavours of Larb, Tom Yum Kung, and Mango – A perfect variety of sweet and savory products. It is perfect to snack on and carry around due to its convenient packaging and size as well.  

  1. Glico Pretz Larb Flavour Stick 
  2. Glico Pocky Mango Flavour Stick 
  3. Glico Pretz Tom Yum Kung Flavour Stick 

Pocky & Pretz - Larb Pocky & Pretz - MangoPocky & Pretz - Tom Yum

  • MOQ: from 40 units 
  • Shelf life: 11 months 
  • Margins : 30-35% 

Chao Sua Rice Crackers 

The next brand, another famous local specialty, Chao Sua Rice Crackers comes in unique seafood flavours of roasted squid and shrimp floss. They were established back in 1958 and are known for their rice cracker snacks with pop floss and seafood flavours. These rice crackers are specially made with 100% Thai jasmine rice with no added preservatives. Crackers are then topped up with grilled squid and dried shrimp floss. The shrimp floss also comes with sesame seeds to give extra flavour and nuttiness to enhance the overall taste - Definitely ticks all the boxes as a snack.  

The packaging is additionally bright, appealing and attractive, making it stand out – Perfect to sell in your store. Feel free to download these excellent product images from Trustana Wholesale and upload it to your online store. It is perfect for marketing and putting them on your store front online, and offline as well. You may position them at the entrance of your store, and it it is sure to catch consumers’ eyes.

  1. Chao Sua Rice Cracker with Roasted Squid 
  2. Chao Sua Rice Cracker with Shrimp Floss 

Roasted Squid Shrimp floss

  • MOQ: from 30 units 
  • Shelf life: 11 months 
  • MARGINS: 30-35% 

King Island & Fruit king 

Our hosts finally came to our final 2 brands from King Island and Fruit King, both of which Thailand is incredibly popular for, with lots of positive reviews. Our hosts could immediately smell the fragrance of the coconut once the pack was opened, and it gave off a very fresh smell though roasted – So true to flavor! The coconut chips gave a lovely crunch which our hosts enjoyed and could not stop snacking on.  

  1. King Island Roasted Coconut Chips

coconut chips

Lastly, key flavours from Fruit king came in mangosteen and mango. These freeze-dried fruits are perfect to be eaten as a snack, mixed with ice cream, or even added over salads, for an extra crunch. They are 100% fruit - Perfect alternative to eating something unhealthy.  

All three products are from the same manufacturer as well. Since all our Thai products are excelling in their own domestic market, bringing them to Singapore and Malaysia is the perfect opportunity.

  1. Fruit King Vacuum Freeze Dried Mangosteen 
  2. Fruit King Vacuum Freeze Dried Mango Namdokmai Srithong 

mangosteen mango

  • MOQ from 24 units 
  • Shelf life: 11-16 months  
  • Margins: 30-35% 

With that, our hosts came to the end of the live tasting. All manufacturers are additionally GMP and HACCP certified, proving to have gone through rounds of testing to come through as assured food safe to sell in your stores. With these fast-selling Thai snacks’ proven demand from consumers, start stocking them now to sell them in your stores and boost your sales.

Online ordering with delivery within 5-10 working days 

Throughout the livestream, participants were given links to view and order the products directly on Trustana Wholesale. Product details such as the MOQ, weight and shelf life were also shared, and our hosts answered questions upfront itself. Participants also were able to redeem an event-exclusive sample set, containing some of our top-selling products.

An integrated online experience for our retailers 

Trustana is on track in procuring more products that meet the popularity retailers like you are looking for, providing more marketing insights and trends, along with more content on our wholesale website.

At Trustana wholesale, we have already simplified the whole buying process online - We have cut down the time you need to speak to suppliers, verified suppliers for you, and made it easy with different payment options and low MOQ so you don’t have to commit to a huge order at once. Simply visit our website, browse, get all the information you need, check out and try our products.  

By providing you with a curated 24/7 platform to easily source the latest international food and beverages, our aim is to take the load off you. Grow your business with brands your customers already love - visit Trustana Wholesale to find out more! 

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