Case Study

Case Study - Gushcloud

A New Business Opportunity

Headquartered in Singapore, Gushcloud is a global influencer, entertainment, and talent acquisition company. In early 2021, Gushcloud saw a chance to explore a new business opportunity: selling products via live-streaming. They aimed to start with a trial campaign to assess local demand of Chinese snacks, however had no prior experience in food import, nor connections in the food trade industry.

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Finding Trusted Suppliers through Trustana

Caleb found several suitable products on Trustana's B2B curated trade platform, and reached out to the Trustana team for assistance. Trustana worked with Gushcloud to understand their needs and objectives, and recommended a best-fit and reputable supplier. After helping to settle the deal, Trustana also sourced a logistics partner to provide shipping & import services. 

From Request to Goods Shipped in 10 Days

With Trustana’s help, Caleb was able to find a trusted supplier and have his goods shipped out within 10 days of initial contact. Gushcloud was able to save time and effort by utilising Trustana for sourcing and liaising with multiple vendors and logistics providers. This gave the Gushcloud team peace of mind and allowed them to focus on their core business. 

Trustana is proud to have been able to support Gushcloud in their endeavors, and looks forward to continuing to support Gushcloud’s growth.


Tips From Team Trustana:

Are you a small snacks wholesaler or a small factory owner struggling to promote your business? B2B marketplaces have enormous opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Explore your options with B2B marketplaces to scale your business. 

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