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From Showcasing to Sales: 3 Tips To Close Orders After A Tradeshow

Trade shows offer a great opportunity to showcase your products, connect with potential buyers, and increase your brand ...

Trade shows offer a great opportunity to showcase your products, connect with potential buyers, and increase your brand visibility. However, securing orders after the show can be a challenge. 
440+ Trade Show Booth Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip  Art - iStock | Trade show, Exhibition, ConventionHere are three must-dos to help secure orders and maximize the benefits of trade shows. 

  1. Follow up promptly

5 Ways To Master The Follow-Up In Sales - Salesforce Canada Blog

Within a few days, send an email or make a call. This shows that you value their interest and are eager to work with them. It also keeps your brand top of mind and ensures that they don't forget about you among the many other vendors they may have met at the show. 

This is also a good chance for you to provide any additional information they may need about your product. Take notes during the meeting and reference specific points of interest or concerns they had, then highlight how your products are a good fit for what they are looking for. 

2. Send customized product catalogsB2B eCommerce Product Catalog Management: Best practices - Sellers Commerce  Blog  

It's also important to personalize your follow-up. Trade show buyers often ask brands for their website or link to view their products, however it can get overwhelming for the buyers to look through hundreds or even thousands of SKUs. 

This is where digital product catalogs come in handy. E-catalogs display all your products in one place – and can be filtered by tags such as country of origin, product type or sub-category etc. This way, you can download and share a PDF with a custom list of only products they are interested in. 

You may also choose to directly share your e-catalog URL, giving your buyers an easy way to browse your products and select what they are looking for. Another benefit is that they can access real-time, up-to-date product information with the live link. 

Pro Tip: Creating your e-catalog ahead of the show allows buyers to browse on the spot. It’s a great way to turn leads into customers at the tradeshow. 

You can easily create an e-catalog for free with Trustana’s Sales Master. Learn more about this feature here! 

3. Offer incentives

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It is a common practice for buyers to request for samples before making a purchasing decision. Upon following up via email or call, offering samples can be an effective way of getting a response and even booking a next meeting with them. 

You may also wish to offer discounts or promotional offers for first-time buyers. These incentives can create a sense of urgency and encourage buyers to commit to a purchase. Just make sure to set clear terms and conditions for any discounts or promotions to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion. 

Building relationships beyond the tradeshow is crucial  

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Take the time to get to know the buyer's business and their needs. Listen to their feedback and concerns and offer solutions that meet their specific requirements. By building a strong relationship, buyers are more likely to trust your brand and continue to order from you in the future. 

Do reach out periodically with updates about your products or industry news that may be relevant to their business. You can also ask for feedback on their experience with your products or how you can improve your offerings. By showing that you value their input and are committed to their success, you'll build a strong foundation for a lasting partnership. 

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