10 Foods to Add to Your Table to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost here and so are all the celebrations that come with it including delicious feasts with your ...

Chinese New Year is almost here and so are all the celebrations that come with it including delicious feasts with your family. 

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year is celebrated and honored in many Asian countries and it is a perfect time for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company through food, snacks, and laughs. Enjoy these 10 delicious dishes to add to your table and celebrate the start of a new year with good health, happiness, and long life.

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Main Course

1. Spicy Chicken Noodles

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Having any type of noodles at your table for any occasion and especially Chinese New Year is always a must. When it comes to consuming noodles it is important to recognize the value they have on Asian cuisine. Try adding egg wheat noodles of any kind such as spicy chicken noodles¹ longevity noodles, spicy sour noodles², and many more. For example, longevity noodles are served for Chinese New Year in order to live a long and happy life. According to legend, “The longer the noodle is, the longer your life will be”.

2. Vermicelli Noodles

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Vermicelli noodles, made from rice, with a translucent look and fluid texture have plenty of benefits³ some of which include:

  • Fewer calories, 
  • Easy preparation,
  • Gluten-free, and
  • Bone health improvement.

These noodles can be consumed with curry powder, chili sauce, grilled meats, as well as with simple dressings. Vermicelli noodles⁴ are perfect for holidays such as the Lunar New Year because they are really simple to prepare. You can prepare the food fast and avoid spending too much time in the kitchen, which may be exhausting at times of holidays.

3. Hotpot Soup

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Adding hotpot soups to the table for special occasions like the Chinese New Year will allow your family members to get together and share a meal. You can add anything you want to a hotpot from seafood⁵ to raw meat, vegetables, and other ingredients that you set at the table to prepare. 

To start the hotpot you would need to begin with the broth which is essential to the hotpot experience since it provides the flavorful foundation for everything else. The hotpot base comes in many different flavors including tomato⁶, chicken⁷, yum goong soup base⁸, and many more.

4. Konjac Rice

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Rice is a must at the table when celebrating the Chinese New Year and every other day and especially if it is konjac rice⁹. This is because konjac has plenty of health advantages, for example, it can improve your digestion, control your blood pressure, enhance your metabolism, give you glowing skin, and many more¹⁰.

Side Dishes

5. Rice Cake With Hot Sauce

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The rice cake¹¹, otherwise known as tteokbokki, is a tasty addition to your Chinese New Year food selection. These rice cakes are very popular in several Asian countries and are incorporated in many dishes. In addition, there are a variety of different rice cakes that you can eat during the Lunar New Year ranging from salty and spicy to sweet rice cakes such as nian gao, injeolmi, or palitaw. 

Rice cakes, which are made from popped rice compressed into a cake, are a low-calorie alternative to crackers or bread. They are a great way of obtaining iron in your system which aids in the development of muscles, preventing anemia, and more. Besides providing iron, tteokbokki is also high in fiber¹² which is one of the key components to maintaining a healthy gut. Fiber can boost the growth of good bacteria as well as protect and maintain the digestive system.

6. Egg Rolls

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Egg rolls are a traditional dish amongst people celebrating Chinese New Year. Because they resemble gold bullion bars, the simple egg roll dishes signify wealth. These rolls have a thick wrapper dipped in eggs and because of this, you would need to fill them with something that can withstand the texture such as delicious meats and vegetables. 

Because eggs have quite the benefits¹³, you may also incorporate other products from them into your Chinese New Year food table. These products include snacks of different kinds such as sunflower seeds¹⁴ with egg flavor, broad beans¹⁵ made with salted egg powder, and many more.

7. Dumplings

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During Chinese New Year, the amount of dumplings you consume determines how much money you will make in the future. You can use a variety of meats to fill the dumpling such as pork which is the most frequent filling, chicken, shrimp, as well as vegetables. One of the best ways to eat these dumplings is of course by dipping them in different flavored pastes¹⁶ and sauces¹⁷.

8. Spicy Shredded Kelp

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Adding shredded kelp¹⁸ to your Chinese New Year food table will not only be tasty but beneficial to your health as well. For example, kelp is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, iron, vitamin K, and B-12, and a variety of other minerals. In addition, because kelp has so many health benefits¹⁹, it would be an excellent addition to your table to begin the Lunar New Year with good health and long life, and what better way to do so than with nutritious foods.


9. Fried Dough Twist

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Every Chinese New Year food table, besides the delicious dishes, should also include snacks. Fried dough twist is a traditional Chinese snack known for its distinct and crisp flavor. This snack is also known as Mahua and it is prepared by twisting either two or three strands of dough and frying them in peanut oil. There are a variety of flavors to choose from including tomato flavor²⁰, barbeque flavor²¹, seaweed flavor²², and many more ranging from sweet to spicy.

10. Spicy Jerky

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Spicy jerky²³ is a healthy and tasty snack to munch on and to have at your Chinese New Year food table. It is a snack that is high in protein²⁴, low in calories, and also plentiful in other minerals such as iron, zinc, and choline. The iron from jerky helps in the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen to the body’s tissue from the lungs. It also helps you with breathing more comfortably, burning fat, and more.


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